Course Description

Beekeeper/Presenter--Maple Syrup, too

Don Snoeyink

I started making maple syrup in my back yard in about the year 2002. Just as I was about to scale up production my friend introduced me to beekeeping. That lit a fire in me that still burns brightly to this day. I absolutely love teaching about both maple syrup and honey bees. After teaching in-person classes for years, it thrills me to make these classes available online to a worldwide audience.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to our Thornapple Woodlands, LLC Beekeeping 201 Class

  • 2

    Overwintering and Dealing with Deadouts

    • Overwintering

    • Dealing with Dead-outs

  • 3

    First Spring Hive Inspection

    • The First Look Inside the Hive After Winter

  • 6

    Splitting and Combining Hives

    • Splitting Hives And Combining Hives

  • 7

    Nucs (Nucleus Colonies)

    • How do you pronounce that? And why use nucs?

  • 8

    Requeening Hives

    • I Need A New Queen!

  • 9

    Queen Excluders

    • Honey Excluder?

    • Adding a Queen Excluder and Honey Super

  • 10

    Sweet Success

    • Honey Please!

    • How Bees Make Honey

    • How It Looks When Bees Are Filling A Honey Super

    • Harvesting Honey Supers and Blowing Out the Bees

    • How To Harvest Honey Without An Extractor

    • Cutting and Bottling Chunk Comb Honey

    • Harvesting Honey With An Extractor

    • Filtering Honey

    • Selling and Marketing Honey Plus Re-Liquefying Crystallized Honey

    • Marketing Your Product (Video)

  • 11

    Produce Your Own Queens

    • Simple Queen Rearing Ideas

  • 12

    Foundationless Frames

    • Foundationless For Fun

  • 13

    Diseases and Problems

    • The Dark Side of Beekeeping

    • Laying Workers

    • Small Hive Beetles

    • American and European Foulbrood

    • Chalkbrood and Sacbrood Virus

    • Wax Moth Larvae

    • Skunks

    • Dysentery and Mold

    • More Good Information

  • 14


  • 15

    Thank you

    • In Appreciation