Learn how to make sweet, savory maple syrup in your own back yard!

Beekeeper/Presenter--Maple Syrup, too

Don Snoeyink

I started making maple syrup in my back yard in about the year 2002. Just as I was about to scale up production my friend introduced me to beekeeping. That lit a fire in me that still burns brightly to this day. I absolutely love teaching about both maple syrup and honey bees. After teaching in-person classes for years, it thrills me to make these classes available online to a worldwide audience.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Maple Syrup Making Class

    • Video #1 An introduction to maple syrup and its place in our history. The old ways and the modern techniques for making maple syrup plus much more.

    • Video #2 How to identify a sugar maple tree with its leaves on or without them. What is sap and what makes it flow? When is it time to tap the maple trees?

    • Video #3 How to tap a tree, harvesting and storing sap, boiling sap, and ......

    • Video #4 more about boiling sap. Finishing your syrup, when to pull the spiles from the trees, and various methods we have used to make maple syrup, etc.

    • Video #5 Is it a maple? Branches, Leaves and Fun Facts

    • The Best Time of Year to Search for Sugar Maple Trees

    • An Old Family Video With Good Maple Information

    • Hand-outs/Notes

    • The Maple Story In Pictures